Fingerprint Scanning

Electronic Fingerprints in Laurel, Maryland

Fingerprinting collection & processing

Fieldprint provides all aspects of the fingerprinting process – from electronic collection to channeling and everything in between. We are one of the few companies authorized by the FBI as a private channeler, allowing us to send fingerprints and receive results directly from the FBI.

We use Fieldprint’s DSS SWFT (Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission) solution to provide accurate, legitimate digital fingerprints you or your employer requires.

The SWFT solution allows a company to receive the electronic fingerprint file from a third-party vendor that is an FBI-approved channeler. Fieldprint collects the fingerprints and saves the file in the required format to meet SWFT, OPM and FBI standards. We then provide the electronic fingerprint file to the company using agreed upon file transfer methods. The owning/servicing Facility Security Officer (FSO) uploads the file to SWFT.

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